(aka sodium acetylated hyaluronate, acetylated hyaluronic acid)

Don’t let this acid scare your sensitive skin, this is a calming yet powerful humectant (mega moisture-binding substance) that is used in more than injectables. HA is found in the skin itself and is the key molecule involved in skin moisture. One factor of aging skin is loss of skin moisture, so using a proper HA is almost like the fountain of youth! This plumps fine lines, soothes sensitive skin, and is a must-have for dry & dehydrated skin. HA is so effective and nourishing it’s even been used to treat burns.

Pair With: Retinol for aging care, and Vitamin E for an extra layer of skin healing moisture.

Avoid Using With: nothing! HA’s are light enough to let other products penetrate skin while keeping skin hydrated.

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