Breaking The Breakouts Thought blemishes would stop after puberty? So did we, but we're ready to end the cycle with some surprising causes.
by | July 14, 2020
As our skin matures it can become a little drier, find more discoloration and see a few fine lines, but the last thing we expect are lingering acne breakouts. This obnoxious skin issue is thought to be left behind in our teens, but up to 55% of people between 20-40 suffer from persistent low-grade acne breakouts. But all acne is alike and can be connected to lifestyle, hormonal changes and external chemical factors.

Forehead Acne

Hair products are often the culprit, containing comedogenic ingredients that easily clog pores. Avoid using styling products around the hairline and cleanse face after washing out shampoo and conditioning treatments so no residue remains on skin. When using hair spray or dry shampoo, try to shield skin with a tissue or washcloth. The hairline is often an overlooked area to cleanse so make sure all makeup is removed from that area by pulling all hair back and washing in circular motions over the hair line.

Acne Around The Nose

Skin on the nose can be excessively oily and lead to blackheads around the wings of the nose due to buildup of dead skin and makeup. Resist picking at these blackheads and sebaceous plugs (your skins natural moisturizers), this can lead to enlarged pores and permanent scarring. Regular gentle exfoliation frees trapped dead skin and bacteria from deep pores, and a BHA, AHA or zinc can reduce oiliness, assist with healthy skin turnover and kill acne bacteria.

Acne on Cheeks

Breakouts in this area can be largely caused by bacteria on your cell phone, touching your face or an unclean pillow case. Take a disinfectant wipe to your phone and wash your hands regularly. Remember to change out your pillowcase at least once a week, if not more if you use hair products and don’t wash your hair every day. Also switching to a silk or smooth cotton pillowcase for better skin breathability and less tagging while getting in that beauty sleep. Cheeks can be one of the drier areas of the skin so improper hydration can also lead to blemished skin.

Chin and Jaw Line Acne

Whereas overall acne can be attributed to hormones in adolescences, hormonal imbalances can be a large factor in this area as adults. For women, you might see more breakouts a week prior to your period and men might find more breakouts around the jawline. Some have found acne relief by avoiding dairy, sugar, processed foods and meats that might have added hormones (our skin is our largest organ after all). If this doesn’t help we recommend seeing a dermatologist for suborn acne.

Anti-Acne Tips
No matter where your breakouts occur, here are some tips of how to lower your chances of future blemishes.

• Properly cleanse, but don’t over-cleanse skin: pro advice, see our blog post here.

• Hydrated skin is healthy skin: find the right lotion for your skin type.

Anti-Acne Tips

• Diet can play a factor in breakouts: drink plenty of H20, eat fruits and vegetables, and avoid sugars, processed foods and dairy for some. Add in healthy skin supporting fats like fish oil and sip on stress reliving green tea.

• Wash your sheets at least once a week, replacing pillowcase more often. You might not remember those 8 hours of your face planted but your skin does.

Anti-Acne Tips

• Stress has shown as a negative impact to skin, increasing oil production and disrupting hormones. Find our own stress relief for better skin with meditation, exercise, yoga, talking to a friend, music therapy, and yes – even a comedy flick on Netflix can help.

• Get plenty of restful sleep; avoiding caffeine and sweets past 2pm.

• And if breakouts are too much, seek a professional; dermatologists can practically pinpoint the cause of acne, don’t suffer without their assistance.

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