Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder This cult classic flexes its beauty and brawn in this enzymatic powder wash, and what can be more fun then the little pods they come in! We'll tell you why these are always part of our skincare regimen.
by | January 8, 2020

For us the idea of gentle skincare meant ineffective skincare, with weak cleansers and treatments giving less than desirable results. Luckily Kanebo didn’t give up on the idea and found the science to save our skin with naturally occurring enzymes that eats pore-junk for breakfast. So before you touch those skin-searing acids treatments, we need to introduce you to the cult classic enzymatic wash Suisai Beauty Clear Powder for clear skin needs.

Acids (AHAs and BHAs like salicylic acid) kill good and bad bacteria while exfoliating dead skin. Although effective, they can be too harsh for most skin types and trigger more breakouts from changing the skin pH and wiping out healthy skin flora. Suisai Beauty Clear Powder’s main enzymes Protease and Lipase are present in our body, which means targeted pore clearing results without being rough on the skin. Protease dissolves proteins and keratin and Lipase breaks up lipids and oils, the perfect combination to smooth uneven skin texture and fight blackheads, smaller whiteheads and milia breakouts.

We’re also obsessed with the pods each dose comes in which couldn’t be more perfect for travel. These are technically weekly cleansing treatments but they’re so gentle they can be used more for skin in need. Find one of our skin favs here.

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